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          Business philosophy:
          Enterprises to "pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence" for the purpose of high-quality personnel as the basis of strict scientific management as a means to maintain low-cost, high-quality competitive advantage, to provide efficient, high-quality products and services is our development Goals.
          Enterprises to establish cadres "can on the next", workers "can enter the" personnel management system, the construction of a relatively stable and a certain mobility of high-quality workforce.

          Taihua company LOGO 
          Triangle: a symbol of the cause of the company thriving, but also carries the dream of Taihua employees and give every employee to play to show their own space.
          Picture of the color: purple, is the king of the color, symbol of noble, courage and courage; on behalf of a right, prestige, profound and spiritual.
          The entire LOGO logo contains all the staff of Shandong Taihua company proactive, and strive to up, in order to dream of the spirit of continuous struggle and the entire enterprise unlimited broad prospects for development.

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